NORDSTAR logo compressorNORDSTAR is a longitudinal dataset for the study of asthma comprising 3.3 million individuals and over 50 million person-years in four Nordic countries. The data include medication dispensing, use of resources and costs, socio-demographics, and mortality.

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NORDSTAR is governed by NSAN – The Nordic Severe Asthma Network


Despite significant advances in the treatment options for asthma, considerable morbidity remains, as many patients remain poorly controlled despite optimised anti-asthmatic therapy and a proportion of patients have treatment refractory disease. Better understanding of disease heterogeneity and long-term outcomes of asthma is crucial to enabling disease modification and requires long-term follow-up studies of large patient populations. Demographic, economic, and healthcare data are available in all Nordic countries, facilitating multi-national research in this region.

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Using population-based, secondary, multi-national data from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, a NORdic Dataset for aSThmA Research (NORDSTAR) was created by retrieving data on medication use, healthcare contacts, mortality, demographics, socioeconomics, and sick leave episodes. A total of 3.3 million individuals with asthma (50 million person-years follow-up) in routine clinical care during 1987–2018 were included in NORDSTAR after receiving an asthma diagnosis in secondary care or dispensing ≥2 respiratory medications within 12 months.

NORDSTAR provides a unique opportunity to study heterogeneity and long-term prognosis of asthma in one of the world’s largest dataset established to date comprising a complete population of asthma patients across four countries.

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